Our story


Van der Valk Hotel The Hague Wassenaar has a long history. Café 'De Bijhorst', built in 1950, has now grown into a modern hotel with 92 luxurious hotel rooms, spacious lounge, terrace, restaurant, bar and excellent meeting rooms. The warm hospitality with which the family has become famous, has always been central to the development of the hotel restaurant.

61 years ago, the Wassenaar café 'De Bijhorst' was purchased by Grandpa Martinus van der Valk. The second daughter of Martinus and Rie van der Valk and her partner Henk went to run the cafe at that time. The restaurant consisted of 50 seats. After a renovation in 1963, the number of seats was extended to 300 with a huge terrace. In 1973, their son Jack went to work in the company to take over from his parents later.
In 1986, the "old Bijhorst" had to take place for a hotel with 92 rooms, bar and 12 rooms. Henk Luiten died in 1987.


Even now, we are still building facilities to provide the guests the most optimal service that meets the requirements of this time. In the meantime, the hotel has become a dynamic company that serves both the leisure and business markets.

The location is ideal: In the mouth of Wassenaar, on the border of The Hague, beach, sea.

We all welcome you in our hotel.