Business packages

Are you looking for an effective way to spend the break during your meeting and then continue the meeting with new energy? Or would you like to combine the meeting with a fun team building activity focused on vitality?

In collaboration with our Fitness & Vitality partner BeneFIT Studio, we offer various interventions to work on health and relaxation during your on-site meeting.

Group training

We offer various group training courses: yoga, meditation, energizers, lunch walks, fitness & boot camp. With this we encourage exercise and sports within your organization. Ideal for team building, but also as an incentive to get enough exercise. Did you know that after physical exertion you are mentally more creative and can immediately make better decisions?

This immediately makes group training an effective option during your meeting! Depending on the chosen activity, this can be done in 'office outfit' or in sportswear.

Vitality workshops & master classes

Did you know that your organization can save a lot of money with vital employees through increased productivity and reduced absenteeism? That is why a vitality workshop or masterclass is the ideal 'break' during your meeting.

Our interactive presentations can be aimed at both management and employees. This allows us and employees to discuss how we can make vitality part of your corporate culture. Examples of frequently chosen topics are: “How do you prevent burnout”, “Energy management: work-life balance”, “What are the right goals for you to become fitter?”.

We also create 'Customized Masterclasses'. Do you have a specific Vitality topic within your organization that you would like to discuss during your meeting? Send us your request and we will be happy to see if we have a professional for this.

Personal Training

Are there employees within your organization who require additional coaching and guidance to make an additional impact on vitality? Our professionals are available for this. We offer personal training, vitality coaching and dietetics.

Would you like to work on your fitness during your stay, together with a personal trainer? BeneFIT Studio has a fully equipped Personal Training Studio in the hotel. Together with your personal trainer you work efficiently and purposefully to become fitter. This can be done before, during or after the meeting.