sports at Hotel Den Haag Wassenaar

Van der Valk Gym

Voor hotelgasten

The front part of the fitness room is the Van der Valk Gym. This space can be used free of charge by hotel guests. There are various training materials to stay fit during your stay. Would you prefer to exercise under supervision? That is also possible! Then make an appointment with a personal trainer from BeneFIT Studio.

Benefit Studio

Personal training

Are you not a hotel guest, but would you like to exercise in our hotel? Then you can use the personal training services of BeneFIT Studio. The rear part of the fitness room is exclusively accessible for this personal training.

Do you have a meeting at Hotel The Hague - Wassenaar and are you looking for an effective way to spend the break and then continue the meeting with new energy? Or would you like to combine the meeting with a fun team building activity focused on vitality? BeneFIT Studio offers various options!