Night out


Plein Den Haag is located in the city center near the Binnenhof. There are several restaurants, cafes, clubs and terraces. Het Plein is The Hague's hotspot for an evening out or to enjoy the music on the terrace.

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Grote Markt

The large market is a little further from the square. There are nice restaurants, cafes and terraces on the large market. At the large market you can drink the best cocktails in the city.

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Crazy Piano’s

Crazy Pianos is also a unique experience for a drink and a dance! It is the place to go out in Scheveningen. In the musical bar on the boulevard below the Kurhaus, everything revolves around the red pianos that are central to the shop. Pianists entertain the guests with rock, pop, seventies, eighties music, contemporary toppers and famous sing-alongs.

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In the environments we have several Pathé cinemas. There are two cinemas in the center of The Hague. Namely Pathé Spui and Pathé Buitenhof. Behind the boulevard of Scheveningen you will find another cinema, Pathé Scheveningen. You can enjoy the many different films that Pathé has to offer.

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Holland Casino Scheveningen

For example, you can visit Holland Casino! The casino has different floors, each with its own dynamics. From impressive lounge to gaming rooms with vending machines. There are also very nice bars. A nice place to place a bet and you don't have to pay entrance with a ticket that you pick up at the reception!

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AFAS Circustheater Scheveningen

In the AFAS Circus Theater you can visit successful musicals, concerts and other theater performances all year round.

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