Discover nature

The hotel is located in a green area. You can enjoy the sun and the sea on the beaches of Scheveningen and Wassenaar. In addition to the beaches of Scheveningen and Wassenaar, our area also offers beautiful nature areas where you can walk and cycle. The forests, meadows, beaches and the proximity of the extensive dune area make Wassenaar a unique walking town in the Randstad.

Wassenaarse Slag

The Wassenaarse Slag is a secluded beach entrance at the Meijendel dune area, north of The Hague. The eight kilometer long beach of Wassenaar is mainly known for its beautiful nature reserves. In addition to nature, you will find a number of beach bars on the Wassenaarse Slag where you can quietly enjoy tasty dishes and the beautiful view of the North Sea. By car you are there in 12 minutes, but you can also rent a bicycle and then you are on the beach in 35 minutes.


Meijendel is an extensive dune and nature area west of Wassenaar and north of The Hague and Scheveningen. Thanks to the many cycling, walking and riding trails, the dunes of Meijendel are ideal for enjoying Dutch nature. The forest also has a playground for children, the Monkeybos. Here they can built huts and clime in trees. You can drive here by car and in 10 minutes you will be in the parking lot, by bike it is 15 minutes.

Haagse Bos

The Haagse Bos is approximately 100 hectares in size and is sometimes referred to as the green entrance to The Hague. An ideal place for a walk or a picnic. You are guaranteed a nice afternoon in nature. There are beautiful places to sit in the sun or shade, on the water or among the trees. The Haagse Bos has various play areas for children. Also take a look at the Huis ten Bosch, where King Willem Alexander, Queen Maxima and the princesses live.

Royal estates de Horsten

Royal estates de Horsten is a large nature and walking area on the outskirts of Wassenaar where you can cycle to in 15 minutes or 5 minutes by car. It connects the Eikenhorst, Raaphorst and Ter Horst estates. From 2003 to 2019, King Willem-Alexander, Queen Máxima and their three daughters lived in Villa Eikenhorst. Unfortunately, the house is not open to visitors. The Horsten have been in the possession of the Royal family for more than 150 years. The area has several walking routes. Tucked away between De Horsten estates is Theepaviljoen De Horsten. Here you can warm up in winter with a cup of jäger and in the summer enjoy a glass of wine on the terrace.

Landgoed Wittenburg

Landgoed Wittenburg is located across the street from our hotel. Landgoed de Wittenburg has beautiful walking routes, a small beach and a large lawn. Kasteel de Wittenburg is located in the middle of the estate. De Wittenburg Castle was built between 1899 and 1900.

During the Second World War, the Germans captured the castle. At the moment Kasteel de Wittenburg is mainly used for renting out rooms for concerts and it is the most famous wedding location of Wassenaar.

Landgoed Clingendael

Clingendael is one of the most beautiful estates in the Netherlands where you can be with a 10 minute bike ride or a 5 minute car ride. With its beautiful nature, winding walking paths and large playgrounds, the estate is a fantastic place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Within the Clingendael estate there is a true showpiece, namely the Japanese Garden. Here you can see beautiful and rare trees and plants. The garden is very fragile. Therefore, the Japanese Garden is only open 8 weeks a year. The Japanese Garden was created in the early 20th century by the then owner of the Clingendael estate. It is the only Japanese Garden in the Netherlands from around 1910. It therefore has a high historical value.


Scheveningen is the most famous beach in the Netherlands. You will find the beach of Scheveningen directly behind the bustling The Hague. You can walk, swim, sunbathe and surf here. The beach is 4.5 kilometers long and can be divided into four different areas: Zwarte pad, Noorderstrand, Zuiderstrand and Kijkduin. Each area has its own charms.