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Omniversum is a big screen movie theater in the west of the Zorgvliet district in The Hague. The screen is like a half-sphere for the public and provides a better experience than a flat screen. An advanced sound system produces audible signals but also additional bass sounds that are particularly palpable. There are 300 seats.

The name Omniversum is composed of 'Omnimax' and 'Universum'. Omnimax is the original name of the used film projection system, which was later renamed IMAX Dome. Universe recalls the astronomical side of the programs that were previously displayed.

Omniversum's mission is: "Omniversum strives to convey knowledge about human life, nature and our planet in an extraordinary and impressive way to the public, knowledge that is essential in particular for sustainable society."

This translates into films with a theme of culture, nature and science. Music, history and entertainment are also featured. The content of the films compares well with the Discovery Channel and National Geographic Channel television programs. A movie takes a small hour.